Stunning walks in Manly, Sydney

Now the kids have got older we have decided to head out as a family for a walk on the weekends when commitments allow us. Usually the suggestion causes a few complaints from them but once we are all on the move they are happy to enjoy the nature and have a chat with you. In Sydney we are spoilt for choice, it really is a nature lovers paradise. Lately we have been enjoying the North Head area of Manly.

North Head: is a National Park with stunning ocean and panoramic views of Sydney harbour and the city in the background. There are many trails through the National Park and one of our kids favourites is the suspended walkway above the wetlands. A chorus of frogs which can be heard but not seen greets you. You can walk and cycle many of the trails and there is a small cafe where you can grab a snack or coffee. It’s also an enviable spot to watch the NYE fireworks.


St Patrick’s Estate: from North Head you can walk to St Patrick’s Estate which was the site of the first national catholic seminary in Sydney. It no longer operates as a seminary, the buildings are now leased to the International College of Management. There is a public pathway which runs through the estate gardens. You will be impressed by the architecture which dates back to 1889 but the views of Manly and the coastline from the gardens are stunning.

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