We are loving TripCase

There is an awesome travel App called TripCase. I must admit I’m what you would call a late adaptor. But my husband is a tech head and he set us up on TripCase. TripCase allows you to keep your flight, car rental and accommodation details all in one place which displays a timeline of your trip. This means you’re not rifling through printed receipts to work out where the accomodation is or which town you are heading to next.

The other great advantage of using TripCase is you can send the details to friends and family which means they can keep up with your trip and when you’re expected home. Another very cool thing about TripCase is you can just forward your email receipts from airlines, hotel booking sites and TripCase will load them directly into your itinerary. No mucking around with manually entering details. Sometimes TripCase can’t recognise everything you email through but all in all its a pretty cool App.

I really recommend TripCase for short and long holidays.



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