Los Angeles for the reluctant tourist

If you and your family are interested in visiting all the usual sites in Los Angeles then this post is not really for you. If you and your family are somewhat reluctant tourists who would prefer to hang with the locals rather than line up with the hordes then you’re in the right place.

We became somewhat reluctant tourists when we arrived at our 2 bedroom apartment which we found on homeaway.com. It was located across the road from the beach in the hip suburb of Hermosa.It was so close to the beach that we could hear the waves crashing at night. The restaurants and shops in the upmarket area of Manhattan Beach were also within easy walking distance from our apartment.

View from the Manhattan Beach Pier


The sheer convenience of our rental apartment and a 14 hour flight which left us travel weary and very jet lagged meant that we all enjoyed taking things pretty easy when we stayed in LA. In fact, we decided to do what the locals do:

We Walked: The Strand Beach Path between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach became our favourite place to walk as a family. We were struck by how much people got out and enjoyed the beach and the wonderful path. It’s all inclusive, people were cycling, jogging, walking, skateboarding and inline skating. Whereas, in Sydney there are often signs excluding some of these activities. There are also some lovely walk streets in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach.


We Cycled: Our holiday rental included the use of two adult bikes, so we hired some kids bikes from Hermosa Cyclery for a day. The kids enjoyed being able to cycle to lunch in Hermosa village. The Strand Path can be a 63 km round trip depending on where you start but our family enjoyed a very small distance of the path. We marvelled at some of the stunning beachside homes which border the path.


We attempted to play beach volleyball: We went and bought what we thought would pass for a volleyball but decided that it would be more fun using it for a game of sand soccer. Also beach volleyball is a really challenging game for the kids when the nets are set for 6 foot tall adults.

We Ate Out: In the evenings we strolled to dinner at Manhattan Beach. One of our favourite places to eat at was a sports bar called Brewco. It served delicious tuna tacos, chicken kebabs and greek salad. The kids enjoyed watching whatever sports were showing on the TV screens, tired from a day of activity. Then one night after dinner we headed to the well known Manhattan Beach Creamery.

The Creamery Manhattan Beach!

We did enjoy a few touristy sites like the Venice Beach Canals which were unique and lovely. And we were blown away by the gardens, art and architecture at The Getty Museum which is better visited without jet lag! But we didn’t visit the usual sites which LA is known for, we enjoyed the LA beach lifestyle too much to want to leave.

Venice Canals 



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