Visiting Mexico City with the family

We’ve just spent 5 nights in Mexico City, what an interesting and cultural city. I’ll be honest, our arrival in Mexico City was one that filled me with a mix of excitement and nerves. Nerves in part because Mexico is not portrayed as a tranquil and safe country. Excitement because this trip has been at least a year in the making and to be honest with you we really didn’t know what to expect.

We were pleasantly surprised by the sophistication and friendliness of Mexico City and its inhabitants. There were definitely elements of Mexico City which were different to where we came from, that’s why you travel isn’t it? The beggars which were common around the Historical Zone. Drivers don’t stop for pedestrians, cars and buses rule. Everything is in Spanish, people rarely speak English nor are menus in English so embrace Google translate, its good for the grey matter.
The area we stayed in was called Condesa. Condesa and the neighbourhood next to it called Zona Roma are recognised as two of the best neighbourhoods for tourists.  Mexicans consider them akin to SOHO in New York. As a family we really enjoyed Condesa. There is some fantastic architecture in the area being Art Deco and Art Nouveau.
The area of Condesa also has two parks one is called Parque Mexico and the other is  Parque Espana. Our kids enjoyed walking from our apartment and visiting the play equipment at each park. They didn’t really notice the walk as they enjoyed visiting the different parks.
We were spoilt for choice when it came to restaurants and cafes in the Condesa area. Some of our favourites as a family were:

Alipús Condesa – my daughter and I shared a dish of organic chicken with a delicious cactus sauce. It had a curry consistency and the sauce was very light and refreshing.

Chicken and cactus stew
My daughter and I really enjoyed this chicken and cactus dish

Patagonia Restaurant – this is an Argentinean restaurant and has many tables outside in a fairly quiet and pretty street. We especially enjoyed the grilled octopus the two times we visited.

Patagonia Restaurant
The kids were made to feel welcome at Patagonia Restaurant

La Pantera Fresca – this is an ice cream/popsicle shop and it is extremely popular with locals for good reason. The flavours are very natural and the choice is amazing. Limon (lime in Spanish) was tangy and refreshing. Coming from a country where gourmet ice creams are expensive we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and price.

Delicious ice cream from Mexico City
The kids loved the ice cream in Mexico City

El Tizoncito – this was a great lunch spot when we had spent a morning sight seeing and everyone needed food fast. The tacos are so delicious and fresh, you can watch them making them in the open kitchen. A really healthy and filling meal which was cheap by Australian standards. We visited their restaurant  on Tamaulipus 122, Col. Condesa.

More blog posts to come about our adventures in Mexico.


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